UChicago CTDS Gen3 Webinars

Our partners at UChicago CTDS have launched a monthly webinar series to better explain the amazing work they are doing with Gen3. Gen3 is an open source platform for developing data commons. A data commons is a cloud-based software platform for managing, analyzing, harmonizing and sharing large datasets. Data commons accelerate and democratize the process of scientific discovery, especially over large or complex datasets.


Federal agencies, not-for-profits, and consortiums with members spanning the globe use Gen3 and its framework services to support their research communities, access and index their data, and facilitate scientific discoveries that impact the world.

The next webinar will take place Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 1:00pm CDT and will cover technical details of the services that Data Commons Framework created such as Authentication, Authorization and Indexing with Fence & IndexD. Click here to register!