If you are interested in joining the Open Commons Consortium, you can find membership related materials here. If you have any questions about membership, please send email to info at


in joining?

If you are interested in joining the Open Commons Consortium, please review the membership documents and send an email to info at occ-data dot org. Currently, we do not have a mechanism for individuals to join the OCC. Current members include research groups and organizations that can benefit from cloud computing and developers and providers of cloud computing products, services, and infrastructure.



We are primarily supported by the products, services and infrastructure of our members and by donations from foundations. We also have some support from the U.S. National Science Foundation. You can learn more about our sponsors here. Of course, we are always interested in donations and support. If you would like to support the OCC, please email us at info at occ-data dot org.


The OCC is grateful to all its members and sponsors for the support they have provided. We would like to provide special acknowledgement to the support provided by the following Members and sponsors:

Major funding and support for the cloud computing infrastructure and services is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which has provided $2M of funding that will be using to purchase approximately 6 racks for the Open Science Data Cloud during 2011 and another 6 racks during 2012. This funding was used to launch Phase 1 of the OSDC (2011-2014).

Additional funding for the OCC has been provided by the following Sponsors:

  • Cisco provides the OCC access to the Cisco 10G C-Wave, which is used for the OCC Open Science Data Cloud and the OCC Testbed. The Cisco C-Wave helps connect with a 10 Gbps wide area network the facilities that the OCC operates in Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, Miami and Livermore.

  • In 2011, Yahoo! donated the OCC-Y Cluster, consisting of 4 racks, 928 cores and 1 PB of storage, so that scientists at selected computer science departments could have access to a facility for doing research in data intensive computing using Hadoop and related applications.

  • The National Science Foundation NSF awarded the OCC OSDC a 5-year (2010-2016) $3.5M PIRE award to train scientists to use the OSDC and to further develop the underlying technology.

  • The StarLight Facility in Chicago allows the OSDC to connect to over 30 high performance research networks around the world at 10Gbps or higher.

  • Yahoo! donated 5 racks of equipment to the OSDC in 2008. These racks provided over 800 cores and 0.6 PB of data for the Proof of Concept OSDC (2008-2010).

If you are interested in providing funding or donating equipment or services, please contact us at info at occ-data dot org.